Fall 2008 Top Wedding Trends

There are many trends emerging for today’s modern bride. This fall’s most popular trends are themed weddings and personalized attendants gifts. To break it down even further, here’s an overview of the theme wedding ideas and personalized attendants gifts that everyone’s talking about.

Wedding Theme #1 – The Cinderella Wedding: This year the season’s most popular wedding theme completes every young girl’s fantasy: the Cinderella wedding. For the groom-to-be, this themed wedding is the perfect way to start your lives together by saying that you’ll do everything to make all her dreams come true. The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks. Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breath, and lilies.

*Colors: The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks.
*Flowers: Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breathe, and lilies.
*Castle and Cinderella Coach Cake tops & Figurines: Stand out with gorgeous blown glass cake toppers.
*Glass Slipper on a Mirror: No Cinderella wedding would be complete without a glass slipper. Beautifully crafted glass slipper mounted on a round polished mirror.
*Carriage Ring holder: Cherished pewter box is lined with blue velvet and closes tightly to prevent loss.
*Wedding Ring Pillow: The Cinderella pillow is an elegant silk pillow with a wrap around lace tie. Pillow has a small metal charm with Cinderella’s trademark horse and carriage.

Wedding Theme #2 – The Las Vegas Wedding: Fairytale elegance doesn’t appeal to everyone; another well-liked theme is Las Vegas. The Las Vegas wedding theme is popular because of its fun celebratory style. Everyone knows that if you want to let loose and have a good time, your best bet is to go to Vegas. Since flying your wedding party out to Vegas is a hassle, why not bring Vegas to you!

*Colors: Common colors that spice up your Vegas wedding are: vibrant reds, yellows, and blues. The most popular Vegas themed items are:
*300 Chip Professional Poker Set with Case: Continue the celebration all night. Leave poker cases on each table for your guests to enjoy.
*Las Vegas Wedding Tees: Trendy tees can be given as favors or worn at the reception.
*Blown Glass Dice – “Lucky in Love”: Beautifully constructed blown glass plaque that reads, “How did I get so lucky in love?” This plaque is mounted on a glass mirror with a couple of decorative red glass dice.

Other Wedding Theme Ideas: Themed weddings are a huge hit and a great way to make your wedding even more memorable. Fall themed weddings are extremely popular as well. Your cozy fall wonderland can be created with lots of foliage and pine cones. The colors needed are: orange, red, rust, yellow, wine and navy. The best flowers to illustrate this look are: Apricot Lilies, Rust/Burgundy hydrangea, rust Euphorbia, and mixed garden foliage including the Virginia creeper.

Fall Wedding Trend – Personalized Attendants Gifts: Weddings allow friends and family to experience two people uniting together. There’s no better way for the bride and groom to show appreciation for their loved ones then with customized wedding favors. Give thanks to your wedding party for all their hard work.

*Bridesmaid Gift – Heart Charm Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet: Any bridesmaid would be thrilled to receive a sterling silver, rhinestone encrusted bracelet. The heart that hangs daintily off the bracelet is the perfect size for a personalized inscription.
*Groomsmen Gift – Personalized Pub Signs: Personalized pub sign’s are made to look identical to authentic pub / bar signs and can be customized to include the groomsman’s name, nickname, or slogan of your choosing. Send your groomsmen home with something you know they’ll genuinely appreciate.

Themed weddings and personalized favors ensure that all who attend your wedding will never forget your special day!

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