Anniversary Gifts : What To Get?

Having only been married for 4 months now, and being the consummate planner, I can only imagine what type of anniversary gifts I should be getting for my beautiful bride. I could go the obvious route and get her roses. Then again, I did that already for our wedding.
What should I get my wife for our anniversary? A free calendar from work contained a list of anniversary gifts, listed by the length of the marriage. According to the calendar’s list, the traditional gift was paper, while the more recent gift indicated was clocks. Since I am something of a traditionalist, does that mean I should get a paper clock for my wife?
Facing the next anniversary is puzzling. What to give next? Should it be dishes or cotton or something leather? Avoid asking a florist, because it’s predictable that they will suggest a huge bunch of roses that wholesales for mere pennies but will be cheerfully sold to you for $150 or worse.
The wedding anniversary gifts list on my calendar ends at fifteenth and jumps to the twentieth. What’s up with that? What do you get for your nineteenth anniversary? I would imagine that after that long, the magic of it all sort of fades and you’re stuck with the dreaded “practical gift.”
You know a “practical gift” when you see one. Or give one. It’s the kind of present that you are a little embarrassed that you bothered to wrap. And also you are probably a little embarrassed to have your wife expectantly unwrap cleaning supplies or a new shower caddy. They’re not diamond rings, but they let your wife know that you’re paying attention. You do know what she needs, and you saved her a trip to the store to buy it herself.
A much more economical choice for an anniversary gift is making a batch of “love coupons.” Grab some kind of paper and create coupons good for a massage or household chore to be done by you without grumbling, redeemable any time. While still practical, this homemade gift proves that you put enough though and time in to show that you really care.
Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on what to give your loved one on your anniversary.

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