70th Wedding Anniversaries – Great Gift Ideas

Getting to celebrate a 70th wedding anniversary is no small feat! A couple who will be celebrating 70 years of marriage should be paid tribute to. But what do you get the couple with 70 years worth of memories together?

Due to the special nature of a 70th wedding anniversary, it would be fitting to create a gift that encompasses all the past 70 years of memories. Get the help of all the family members, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins etc. to bring together memories, stories photographs, drawings and newspaper headlines. Turn all these memories into a “This Is Your Life” type of memory book. Also put together a DVD with special messages from friends and family speaking about the anniversary couple and to them.

A great 70th wedding anniversary gift for a couple is a photo or story quilt designed and sewn by a family member. The quilt could represent the highlights of the couples achievements and memories. Have a few favorite photos or appliqued symbols to represent them. Using pieces of favorite old and outgrown items of clothing that contain special memories will add a nice personal touch.

The 70th anniversary is the platinum anniversary. So for a spouse, someone might buy them a platinum band, as in another wedding band. From a friend or family member this would make a nice gift: There are pictures now that from a certain angle change to another picture. It would be so cool to have their original wedding picture and then what they look like today. What a keepsake!

Getting together the family for a dinner would make a nice 70 year anniversary present. Somebody from the family will prepare a video with the history of the family included the sad and the happy moments. At the end of the video saying does not matter how hard or how easy the life have been, whats really matter is that the couple have been together for 70 years and will be until the end.

These ideas should get you started thinking about what makes a great 70th wedding anniversary gift. Congratulations to the couple celebrating an 70 year wedding anniversary.