Southern Style Weddings

The American south has remained unique in the way that is has maintained its heritage of elegance and good breeding through the years. This is evident even after it has undergone numerous catastrophes like the civil war. The south is now a prosperous and charming area both economically and socially. The residents there are still charismatic and hospitable people at heart. The south is known for its knack to be host to elaborate social events, its generous nature and a mix of both modern and vintage style. This ambience sets the stage and the tone for a captivating but simple wedding. The amount of detail that goes into planning southern style weddings is almost astonishing. Whether you are from the south or not, the sheer beauty that a southern themed wedding offers is one to take into consideration.

A southern themed wedding can be an easy fete to achieve. All that is required is attention to these simple points.

A southern themed wedding works best when it is held outdoors. The outside lawn of a mansion or a beautiful garden would be ideal locations. It is important to remember that weddings in the south are considered to be community events therefore all the villagers and towns? people will want to come and offer their congratulations to the bride and groom. If you decide that you want a more private ceremony for one reason or the other then the ceremony can be held in a church and the reception outside to accommodate all your guests. A good place to hold the reception would be at an antique home or banquet grounds that rent out for such occasions. A bit of research would be necessary in this area to find ideal locations. Consider also the backgrounds where your wedding photos will be taken.

A southern wedding reception has the air of a garden party or a reception held during the spring time where friends and family gather for an important occasion. It would be prudent to accommodate to incorporate these designs and accessories in to your formal wedding arrangements for decorating your reception area.

Food wise, an actual southern cuisine should be served to your guests. The south is known for its liking of foods fried in batter. That being said, try as much as possible to offer variety in your menu. Place of healthy alternatives for your guests who might not enjoy fried foods. Salads, fish, red beans, fruits and brown rice are good examples. You might decide to serve your food or some of it in a buffet format. Southern food is almost always served with ice tea or coke so you might want to add these to the menu. Coffee and pastry can be served after the meal.

The wedding favor is a symbol of gratitude to your guests. Your wedding favor should reflect the southern spirit. It should be as elegant and usable as possible. Good examples are picture frames or pillow fragrances. The wedding favor should be in tune with your wedding theme; if it is small and intimate then the favor should reflect the same and vice versa.