Wedding Invitation Ideas For Destination Weddings

If you are planning a destination wedding so, you might want to consider reflecting this in your wedding invitations. Your invitations can still have the classic (or modern) look you have been envisioning, but with a few special touches, you can evoke the feelings of your destination as well. Here are some ideas you can use with your invitation package:

Idea #1: Choose colors that work for you first and your destination second.

Most destination weddings are on the beach, and natural beach colors are blue, teal, and tan. However, if you want to use red and black as your wedding colors, these should work as well. Start narrowing down your color choices by what really speaks to you and your future spouse. Any color can work with destination wedding invitations. The key is to use your colors wisely. For example, you may want deep purple and gold wedding invitations. How can you make this choice work for a destination wedding? Choose purple as an accent color and print a starfish or sand castle design in gold! Also, think outside of the box to find certain colors in the surroundings. Hunter green wedding invitations should be a great choice for a beach wedding. This is mostly because this shade of green is close to the color of most seaweed. If you want silver invitations, have you considered the metal gleam off passing ships? Almost any color can fit with a beach theme. Of course, the beach is not the only destination wedding location, but the fact remains that you can make just about any color work with your location if you are creative.

Idea #2: Reflect the season, not the place.

People often link destinations to certain times of the year, and chances are that you have considered this when planning your wedding. For example, if you want to get married at the ski resort where you met, you likely want to do so during the winter when there is snow on the ground. Instead of linking your invitation to the destination itself, consider a seasonal approach. How about a winter romance invitation or an invitation featuring blooming flowers? You can also use invitations that use fall leaves, Christmas holly, sunshine, or other designs that reflect the season.

Idea #3: Use ribbons, charms, and other extras.

Instead of an all-out destination wedding invitation, why not consider an invitation that is more traditional. Then, use accessories like bows to add that special little touch to evoke feelings of your destination. For example, if you are having a Las Vegas wedding, you might choose RSVP cards designed to look like poker cards, or if you are having a wedding by the shore, use a wax seal with a shell design. There are literally hundreds of options available when it comes to accessories and extras. For some couples, this is the perfect way to get the wedding invitations they want.

Idea #4: Look for destination DIY kits.

While some brides and grooms do not want to go over the top, others really want to celebrate their destination wedding to the fullest. If that is the case, look for a wedding kit that can make your wedding invitations really special. For example, some companies make wedding invitation kits that let you send a message in a bottle ? a scrolled invitation sent in a small plastic bottle with sand and shells. This kind of destination invitation is typically expensive to mail out, but they are whimsical and your guests should love them! They work well if you are only inviting a small number of guests, which is often the case with destination weddings.

Idea #5: Use your envelopes to show your destination.

You have to be careful with your wedding invitation envelopes. The post office has strict rules about what can go through their machines. However, there are ways in which you can decorate your envelopes. For example, you can use designs like dolphins printed on your envelopes or use colored ink or even stickers. Keep in mind that larger or oddly shaped envelopes might need extra postage. As a special touch, use the post office?s tools to create your own stamps. You can use a picture of the two of you or a picture of your destination.

When you are planning a destination wedding, it is nice to consider invitations that match. The sky is really the limit when it comes to this type of wedding invitation, and there are tons of ways to incorporate your location into the design, whether it is through color, design, or accessories. You can order DIY kits or have them put together by the invitation company. Regardless of your budget, there are options in your price range. Even if you want traditional invitations, check out the small destination touches you can add.

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