70th Wedding Anniversaries – Great Gift Ideas

Getting to celebrate a 70th wedding anniversary is no small feat! A couple who will be celebrating 70 years of marriage should be paid tribute to. But what do you get the couple with 70 years worth of memories together?

Due to the special nature of a 70th wedding anniversary, it would be fitting to create a gift that encompasses all the past 70 years of memories. Get the help of all the family members, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins etc. to bring together memories, stories photographs, drawings and newspaper headlines. Turn all these memories into a “This Is Your Life” type of memory book. Also put together a DVD with special messages from friends and family speaking about the anniversary couple and to them.

A great 70th wedding anniversary gift for a couple is a photo or story quilt designed and sewn by a family member. The quilt could represent the highlights of the couples achievements and memories. Have a few favorite photos or appliqued symbols to represent them. Using pieces of favorite old and outgrown items of clothing that contain special memories will add a nice personal touch.

The 70th anniversary is the platinum anniversary. So for a spouse, someone might buy them a platinum band, as in another wedding band. From a friend or family member this would make a nice gift: There are pictures now that from a certain angle change to another picture. It would be so cool to have their original wedding picture and then what they look like today. What a keepsake!

Getting together the family for a dinner would make a nice 70 year anniversary present. Somebody from the family will prepare a video with the history of the family included the sad and the happy moments. At the end of the video saying does not matter how hard or how easy the life have been, whats really matter is that the couple have been together for 70 years and will be until the end.

These ideas should get you started thinking about what makes a great 70th wedding anniversary gift. Congratulations to the couple celebrating an 70 year wedding anniversary.

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Choosing A Wedding Bouquet To Suit Your Style

Flowers don’t last forever, but their beautiful images in the wedding photo albums can create lifelong memories of your walk down the aisle.

The first question to ask when planning your bouquet is: classic or contemporary?


The popularity of roses as a symbol of enduring love has not faded over the years. If you want to go this traditional route, consider carrying a rounded cluster of white or red roses to create an elegant picture for the wedding album.

A cascading bouquet has been a common accompaniment chosen by brides with long dresses that feature trains. This style contains a number of blossoms at the top that taper off like a waterfall and may also feature foliage or ribbons.

Another option is to carry a bouquet of long-stemmed calla lilies. With their clean lines, these flowers manage to look both classic and modern and may be equally suitable for outdoor and indoor nuptials.


In the past few years, an increasing number of brides have been drawn to sweet daisies or modest posies for their bouquets, particularly for a spring wedding. Wildflowers or bouquets with a variety of textures are also trendy at the moment.

Or, if you’re seeking a bolder statement for the wedding photo albums, consider carrying peonies or tulips – either a monochrome palette or in a couple of contrasting bright colors. And what could be more exotic than carrying a bouquet made of delicate orchids?

For a unique touch, you can add non-floral objects to your bouquet or forgo flowers altogether. If you want your wedding album to stand out from the crowd, consider carrying autumn leaves, tree boughs, pussy willows, silk flowers, a handful of ribbons or a lit candle.

Common Wedding Reception Mistakes

Every bride wants a fairytale wedding. Therefore, this article is to try and minimize problems that may occur during a wedding reception. Listed below are the more common mistakes made by brides and grooms during their wedding receptions. We will tell you what to do!

Don?t leave early. Your guests came from near and far to see you on your wedding day. Not staying the whole time of the reception would be a slap in the face. This will be the only time most of your family and friends will be able to see you as you will be very busy with last minute preparations the days leading up to the wedding.

Setup all the tables. Your wedding vendors will need to know where to set-up. Be sure there is a table for the wedding cake, music entertainment, catered food, sign-in near the entrance, gift table, tables and chairs for all your guests to eat and any other tables you may have planned for specialty items.

Preplan with your vendors a day or two before the wedding. Be sure all your wedding vendors know exactly what you want. Clarify times and location so you don?t need to worry about them.

Don?t arrive late to the reception. It is customary that guests do not start eating until the bride and groom start the food line. Be sure to get as many of your pictures taken BEFORE the wedding. There are many ways to accomplish this. One is to have the entire bride?s family pictures taken. Then, have the bride return to the dressing room. Next, take pictures of the groom and his family as guests can see the groom before the wedding. This way you will not compromise the groom seeing the bride before the wedding. Therefore, all that is left after the ceremony are pictures of the happy couple.

Don?t seat the young at heart directly in front of the music entertainment. Older generations are at a wedding typically to socialize with their family and friends. If they cannot hear each other talk, an unhappy situation may occur. So, if by choice, seat the young at heart near the wedding party but away from the entertainer?s speakers.

Don?t have one particular type of music. There are many different types of people in the world. And yes, they include your family and friends. For example, the bride and groom may love country music. It doesn?t mean you have to play country music the whole night. There is a lot of celebration music besides what you like.

Start the food line or meal as soon as possible. Guests plan their meal times the day of your wedding around your reception. Guest will not eat a big meal before your wedding because they know they will be eating at your reception. Don?t starve them.

Know what it will cost you if the reception goes into overtime. Ask the reception facility exactly how long you have the hall to rent and what time you must be out. Please allow time for cleanup if you are the ones doing it. What is the overtime charge for the facility, music entertainment, photography, etc?

Greet and say hello to all your guests. Finally and most importantly, greet all your guests. Make an effort to have a conversation with each and every person. They are there to celebrate your marriage. Give them the common courtesy of thanking them for coming to your wedding.

Don?t get drunk and obnoxious. Keep in mind the only time brides and grooms eat during the wedding day rituals are at the wedding reception. There?s not much food in your stomach and alcohol will affect you much faster. Try and eat throughout the day and watch how much you drink. You want your guests to remember how beautiful the bride looked, not how you acted.

Deciding On The Most Appropriate Wedding Invitation

As with every other aspect of weddings these days, it is no longer protocol for wedding invitations to be traditionally designed and worded. Instead, wedding invitations are now considered the perfect way to offer invitees a sneak peak into the unique personality of the bridal couple and an inviting glimpse into the character of the affair. In order to achieve this however, it is important that you choose the appropriate wedding invites.

Take a look at any offline or online store that creates wedding invites and you will see that they stock a wide range of wedding invitations in every style and color possible to suit all kinds of weddings. While this means today?s bridal couples have an endless array to choose from, it also makes the task of choosing the right wedding invitation that much more difficult.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Wedding Invitation

There are several different aspects of the wedding that you need to take into consideration when selecting your wedding invites. Some of the most important aspects include the tone of your wedding, the color scheme of your wedding and the theme of your wedding.

Tone of the Wedding – Are you planning an ultra formal reception hosted in a five-star hotel or is it a more casual barefoot-in-the-park affair? Not only are the style and design of formal wedding invites distinctly different from that of casual invites, even the wordings and the font of the wording are different.

Color Scheme of the Wedding – Though there are no laid down rules about designing invitations of any type, sending wedding invites that complement the wedding color theme is an unwritten rule that is followed by almost all bridal couples. Matching the color of wedding invites to the wedding d?cor ties in all the elements of the wedding and shows that you have taken the trouble to take care of the minutest details.

Theme of the Wedding – Are you having a theme wedding? Is it a Valentine?s Day Wedding, A Christmas Wedding, a beach wedding or a Victorian wedding? Each theme has a distinctly different tone and the appropriate wedding invitations for each of theme would give your guests a better idea of what to expect. Sending a shell- shaped, casually worded wedding invite for a Valentine?s Day Wedding would set a jarring note to the whole event but would be perfect for a wedding that is actually being held on the beach.

When choosing the most appropriate wedding invitations you may also want to consider the season that your wedding will take place, the type of flowers you are having in your wedding and whether or not you want to incorporate a specific religious or ethnic theme.

Choosing the most appropriate wedding invitations is an important part of achieving the right atmosphere; it in fact sets the tone of the whole wedding.

How To Make Do-it-yourself Wedding Invitations

One of the best things about DIY wedding invitations is that they’re one of the only options to get up close and personal in the wedding and reception preparation. In all probability, you don’t have time to make a wedding dress on your own, and you might not possess the pastry chef proficiency required to cook a high-quality wedding cake. Even so, in case you’re one of those people who simply cannot sit on the sidelines and avoid getting involved directly, do-it-yourself wedding invitations are a wonderful way to be active and to have a direct guiding hand in a significant component of your wedding planning. And as a bonus, creating wedding invitations also will save a lot of money.

To make your invitations, follow these steps:

1. Start early on: Once you have created the style for your wedding, start working on your DIY wedding invitations. It is best if you can get them out at least two months prior to the wedding.

2. Settle on an RSVP date: When you get to the ultimate phase of wedding preparation, you’re probably going to want to be aware of the number of individuals are coming. To start with, choose if you are going to utilize response cards or just supply an RSVP number. Next, establish a “reply by” date that is two or three weeks prior to the wedding. You might not need quite this much slack, but remember that a couple the respondents will be a bit late in responding.

3. Design everything at once: When you’re creating your envelopes, invitations, and RSVP cards, do it all together. In this way, everything will go together, and you won’t need to bother about bing unable to find the perfect-sied envelopes.

4. Focus on the invitation wording: On your do-it-yourself wedding invitations, try to make the textual content polished and conventional. It’s fine if you are unsure precisely what details to use, since there are plenty of cheat sheets on the web. Just make sure that all the details are crystal clear, and then when you are done, be sure to proofread every detail. Additionally , it can’t hurt to have a trusted loved one check it for grammar and spelling.

5. Choose a perfect font: It is crucial to employ typeface which fits the design of your DIY wedding invitations, but it’s as important for your guests to be able to read the text without effort. Try to find the right balance between the two.

6. Print out drafts: If you are employing a computer program for the style, print a copy of it ahead of settling on a final draft. If you have time, spend several days with it. When you’re sure that the style is perfect, print all the invitations out and mail them.

Setting Your Wedding Budget

The first and most important task a bride and groom must do is to set their wedding budget. Weddings can be expensive, and the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $20,000 not including the honeymoon. While $20,000 sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind that it is an average and a lot of weddings cost much-much more than that.

Before we go any further, you must realize that no wedding budget is ever too big. It is your wedding budget not your imagination that sets the limits of what you can or can?t do on your wedding day.
Formal weddings in hotel ballrooms or other extravagant wedding reception venues will require a much larger budget than a wedding party held at your parents house. In addition, formal weddings are more expensive because everything about them is expensive such as the food, music, etc.

Summer is the most popular and most expensive time of the year to get married. Because hotels and other wedding reception venues wish to profit from the busy wedding season, be prepared to pay a higher price during the summer rush.

The more guest you invite to your wedding, the more money you?ll spend. You should calculate your food budget based on a per-head cost for food and liquor. The type of meal you plan to serve your guest is limited by your budget. For example, a seated dinner served is more expensive than a buffet.

Some locations are more expensive than others. Certain cities such as New York and Los Angeles can be expensive, but distant places can be just as pricey due to high travel costs.

Don?t panic if your wedding budget doesn?t cover everything that you?d like to have on your wedding day. It may require compromises, scheduling changes, or simply begging for more money, but even with a limited budget you can likely plan your ideal wedding.

The decision about a wedding budget is one that needs to be made by the bride and groom and their families-together. While tradition dictates that the bride’s family covers most of the expenses of a wedding, that tradition is not necessarily relevant today. The bride and groom primarily finance many of today?s weddings.

Teen Fashion Designer Dreams About Her Own Wedding Day

It�s no surprise that weddings are a serious business. They are, after all, a $25.3 billion industry.

Not only does the average bride take 7 to 12 months to plan her wedding, but she will also spend some $25,000 making it one of the most memorable days of her life according to the Web site, . Of that budget, some $3,000 or more can go to a wedding dress according to .

So with all that riding on the big day, what does today�s average 18-year-old dream about when she conjures up her own wedding day?

Well, she may not be average, but Elana Bloom, winner of The Art Institutes first Passion for Fashion competition, and a $70,000 scholarship to study fashion design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, has given the subject some thought and she�s decided she wants something, �sleek and sexy.�

Sleek and sexy is one of the hottest trends in wedding style today. �Less pouf and more sheer fabrics that accentuate a bride�s body and offer sleek silhouettes,� says Bloom.

According to Jacqueline Peterson, senior academic director of fashion marketing for The Art Institute of Phoenix, Bloom�s take on wedding style is right on target. �Choosing simpler styles over showy flatters every bride, no matter their shape or size,� she says.

�For embellishment, today�s modern bride may look for stunning bead work or other simple accents to draw attention to her dress, rather than lots of lace, bows or other details that may take away from the fit or fabric of a dress,� she adds.

In addition to a wonderful dress, accessories are one of the most important ways a bride can personalize her wedding look. If you weren�t lucky enough to inherit a wonderful piece of antique jewelry, you can find a bracelet, necklace or earrings by checking out a few key Internet sources.

�There are so many retail shops operating online these days that anything in a store can be found online and for accessories, the Internet is ideal,� says Peterson. For example, Peterson likes , a great site for jewelry accessories, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, earrings and more. The prices are very �friendly� she says, especially when you want a particular piece to tie together your wedding look, but don�t want to spend a fortune.

Like most teenage girls, Bloom says hair is always an important accessory, �on a wedding day, or any day for that matter, brides need to remember not to lacquer their hair to their head. Instead, brides should look as natural as possible with a swept away up-do.� Add a dainty necklace and jaw dropping earrings. Keep make-up simple, she recommends. �Lots of mascara, a dust of bronzer and a sheer tinted lip-gloss are all a bride needs.�

More important than a dress, jewelry or make-up is the day itself, the whole wedding experience. And even though Bloom, at 18, is a few years away from her own wedding, she sounds like she has the right idea.

�I want my wedding to be about dancing and all-around family fun. People should leave my wedding with sore feet from too much dancing! That�s my idea of a perfect wedding day,� she says.

Bali Wedding And Celebration

All people always desire for the best arrangement for their wedding ceremony because it’s the important phase to lead them to a new step in their life. In the world, we can found many wedding ceremony, but several ceremony have characteristic that is different one to other. And Bali wedding is one of unique wedding ceremonies around the world.

You can have many of the unique ceremonies around Indonesia country though, but somehow its Bali wedding what been so popular. Situated only two kilometers east of Java, Bali’s climate, flora and fauna are quite alike to its much bigger neighboring.

The island of Bali is celebrated for its exquisite landscape. A chain of mountains of six volcanoes, between 1,350 meters and 3,014 meters high, stretching from west to east. There are lush tropical woodlands, pristine crater lakes, fast flowing rivers and deep ravines, beautiful rice terraces, and productive veggie and fruit gardens. The beaches in the South consist of white sand while beaches in other parts of the island are covered with gray or black volcanic sand.
Bali wedding is the beautiful wedding but difficult on ceremony. You should be really known about each step of the ceremony or everything would be ruined as it’s really a sacred procession and not everyone can lead the ceremony though. Some procedures should be followed during the process, which it included the traditional Balinese dance usually performed for the celebration. And at this point, tourists usually enjoy it very much.
Bali wedding is the best choice to celebrate your wedding though. Well, you are not about to going through all the procession though, but it’s an optional parts of the procedures or attractions can be performed too as you want it. Above all of it, it’s always a good thing to have a wedding ceremony on the paradise, right?

Fall 2008 Top Wedding Trends

There are many trends emerging for today’s modern bride. This fall’s most popular trends are themed weddings and personalized attendants gifts. To break it down even further, here’s an overview of the theme wedding ideas and personalized attendants gifts that everyone’s talking about.

Wedding Theme #1 – The Cinderella Wedding: This year the season’s most popular wedding theme completes every young girl’s fantasy: the Cinderella wedding. For the groom-to-be, this themed wedding is the perfect way to start your lives together by saying that you’ll do everything to make all her dreams come true. The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks. Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breath, and lilies.

*Colors: The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks.
*Flowers: Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breathe, and lilies.
*Castle and Cinderella Coach Cake tops & Figurines: Stand out with gorgeous blown glass cake toppers.
*Glass Slipper on a Mirror: No Cinderella wedding would be complete without a glass slipper. Beautifully crafted glass slipper mounted on a round polished mirror.
*Carriage Ring holder: Cherished pewter box is lined with blue velvet and closes tightly to prevent loss.
*Wedding Ring Pillow: The Cinderella pillow is an elegant silk pillow with a wrap around lace tie. Pillow has a small metal charm with Cinderella’s trademark horse and carriage.

Wedding Theme #2 – The Las Vegas Wedding: Fairytale elegance doesn’t appeal to everyone; another well-liked theme is Las Vegas. The Las Vegas wedding theme is popular because of its fun celebratory style. Everyone knows that if you want to let loose and have a good time, your best bet is to go to Vegas. Since flying your wedding party out to Vegas is a hassle, why not bring Vegas to you!

*Colors: Common colors that spice up your Vegas wedding are: vibrant reds, yellows, and blues. The most popular Vegas themed items are:
*300 Chip Professional Poker Set with Case: Continue the celebration all night. Leave poker cases on each table for your guests to enjoy.
*Las Vegas Wedding Tees: Trendy tees can be given as favors or worn at the reception.
*Blown Glass Dice – “Lucky in Love”: Beautifully constructed blown glass plaque that reads, “How did I get so lucky in love?” This plaque is mounted on a glass mirror with a couple of decorative red glass dice.

Other Wedding Theme Ideas: Themed weddings are a huge hit and a great way to make your wedding even more memorable. Fall themed weddings are extremely popular as well. Your cozy fall wonderland can be created with lots of foliage and pine cones. The colors needed are: orange, red, rust, yellow, wine and navy. The best flowers to illustrate this look are: Apricot Lilies, Rust/Burgundy hydrangea, rust Euphorbia, and mixed garden foliage including the Virginia creeper.

Fall Wedding Trend – Personalized Attendants Gifts: Weddings allow friends and family to experience two people uniting together. There’s no better way for the bride and groom to show appreciation for their loved ones then with customized wedding favors. Give thanks to your wedding party for all their hard work.

*Bridesmaid Gift – Heart Charm Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet: Any bridesmaid would be thrilled to receive a sterling silver, rhinestone encrusted bracelet. The heart that hangs daintily off the bracelet is the perfect size for a personalized inscription.
*Groomsmen Gift – Personalized Pub Signs: Personalized pub sign’s are made to look identical to authentic pub / bar signs and can be customized to include the groomsman’s name, nickname, or slogan of your choosing. Send your groomsmen home with something you know they’ll genuinely appreciate.

Themed weddings and personalized favors ensure that all who attend your wedding will never forget your special day!

Wedding Gown Preservation Is An Important Step

For countless brides over the years, their bridal dress is an important memento of their special day that they truly treasure. Even though the bride will be captured in numerous photographs in her gown, there is something especially wonderful about having the gown preserved. Because of this, wedding gown preservation is often high on the list of priorities and for some is even included in the wedding details.

Another reason to preserve the wedding gown is so that the bride can pass the dress on to another family member. Often when one finds the pefect wedding gown, it will also be useful and meaningful if worn by another family member who has a similar body style and size. Sometimes this means that a younger sister or cousin can also enjoy a special bridal dress, or it can be saved so that a daughter or two are able to wear the treasured gown for their special day.

It doesn’t really matter why wedding gown preservation is desired, yet it is possible to keep a bridal gown in pristine condition even after many years of storage, if it was properly handled from the start and stored correctly. But, when the right steps are not taken right away, and the storage is inferior, it is almost assured that the dress will be ruined.

This can even be heartbreaking if a daughter has spent years dreaming about being able to wear her mother’s wedding dress for the occasion of her own marriage. But, good gown preservation will help to assure that such disappointment does not happen and that the heirloom bridal dress can be happily and proudly worn again.

In the midst of the whirlwind that swirls around most nuptials, many times the bridal gown is simply left in an ordinary plastic garment bag. Weeks go by and it is often forgotten about and is not properly stored to prevent deterioration. Unfortunately, this unintentional neglect can make proper gown preservation very difficult.

If preservation steps are delayed, then stains have a chance to oxidize. These could be both seen and unseen stains. Even if the dress visually seems clean there is likely to be areas of body perspiration on the fabric which will cause discoloration over time and can even cause the fabric to become brittle. The bridal gown should be cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding to make sure it is preserved in its best condition.

Even though many people believe that leaving the wedding gown in the protective plastic garment bag is enough to preserve a wedding gown, the fact is that there are harmful fumes that are emitted from the plastic. These are chemical releases that will cause a wedding dress to yellow and will do more harm than good over time.

Proper wedding gown preservation requires both cleaning of the dress and also storage in an acid-free box. These steps should be taken as soon as possible after the occasion and it is best to seek out the services of a company that specializes in preserving wedding dresses.